11 Outfit Combinations That Will Have You Looking Like You Upped a Tax Bracket

Or two.

11 Outfit Combinations That Will Have You Looking Like You Upped a Tax Bracket

Quiet luxury is all anyone can talk about right now and for good reason. The rising aesthetic is all about a chic and understated vibe that exudes a kind of quiet confidence. It's elevated but totally effortless and hinges on a few key buys that are timeless, well-tailored, and versatile—but perhaps most importantly, devoid of any obvious logos or brand identification. It's anti-viral fashion at its core.

But just because the phrase includes the term luxury, doesn't mean that tapping into the look requires an arsenal of designer goods. In fact, it really comes down to a handful of outfit combinations, and they're all comprised of simple, classic wardrobe staples that most of us already have in our closets. With that, behold 11 genius outfits that look so polished, people might just start assuming you're in a much higher tax bracket. 

Yes, even the jeans you wear nonstop are a great jumping-off point for a luxury outfit. Paired with a bouclé jacket, even your most-worn denim will look so sophisticated.

Even though it was somehow two years ago, Kendall Jenner wearing a tailored look from The Row continues to wield an immense influence over the style scene. Repeating her simple but impactful outfit of an oversize shirt, crewneck tee, and khaki's is always a good idea.

If there's a single outfit you take away from this story, let it be the power of a vest and matching trousers set. Wearing one is so easy and yet the payoff is exponential to the effort you put in. Amp up the polish even more with a luxe belt.

Nailing the quiet-luxury aesthetic is all about knowing how to pull off simple silhouettes with the right proportions and fabrics. Take this one, for example, which combines a long strapless top and languid, satin trousers for a perfect balance between structure and fluidity. 

Of all the ways you can wear a button-down shirt, tucking one into high-rise jeans might just be the smartest. With classic ballet flats and a draped sweater, it's effortlessly polished.

When aiming for an expensive-looking outfit, it's all about certain fabrics that exude an air of luxury. Satin is definitely one of them and it looks best in the form of a drapey cowl-neck top. Pair one with simple trousers, sandals, and a cuff bracelet.

There's a reason why pajama dressing is so timeless—it just always hits. Try a luxe satin set on your next night out and dress it up with chunky jewelry.

When in doubt, drape a sweater over your shoulders. Atop even the simplest of outfits like a tank and trousers, the styling trick will have you channeling your inner "bougie auntie".

Simple but impeccable tailoring is always the move, and you can't go wrong with trousers and a turtleneck top. Finish it off with a pair of luxe slingbacks for an understatedly chic look.

Opting for a touch of '90s minimalism always ensures a polished, and wealthy-looking, ensemble. Try a simple maxi dress and accessorize sparingly with a single piece of sculptural jewelry.

Make everyone assume you just stepped off of a yacht (yours, obviously) in breezy linen pants and a nautical striped tee.

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