My Mom, Sisters, and I All Live For These Anti-Trend Essentials From Nordstrom

We know our stuff.

My Mom, Sisters, and I All Live For These Anti-Trend Essentials From Nordstrom

Curious what a fashion editor, her cool mom, and her wise older sisters have bought or would buy from Nordstrom? Sure, that exact scenario has probably never crossed your mind, but doesn't it sound at least a little bit intriguing? Either way, you're about to find out because the group chat has already commenced, and today, I'm showing you the best of what we've got to show for it.

Focusing on our collective propensity for classic style and timeless buys, waiting for you below is a list of 37 essential Nordstrom items backed by at least one but more often several (or all) of us that we just needed you to know about. Consider this the cherry on top of the site's already-helpful review feature—but with more of a personal twist. Trust me. Even I added a few things to my cart after working on this story, so I guarantee you will too. Ready to get started? Simply keep scrolling for our real-life Nordstrom shopping list.

A forever piece.

It doesn't get more classic than this.

Raw-hem jeans mean we shorter girls can simply cut them to length without having to visit a tailor.

I haven't felt this strongly about loafers in a while.

I need to copy this layering situation.

Simple yet effective.

Surprise, surprise—I threw a miniskirt in.

We're all really into belts right now.

The matching skirt is a must.

A can't-go-wrong piece.

When you find chic shorts under $50, you buy them.

According to our mom, this black dress belongs in everyone's closet for last-minute invites.

Barely-there sandal that will go with all your summer looks.

You can wear this so many ways.

We love that these are baggy but not too baggy.

What you wear on the hottest days of summer to still look put-together.

This is what I'd replace my T-shirt with for days when I want to step it up a little.

Sofia Richie Grainge vibes.

I love this jacket and how it's styled.

An approachable take on cargo pants.

I'm buying all four colors.

Wear them to the beach or to brunch.

I think I need this.

So into this fit and color.

Perfect-black-tank alert.

Another one I just added to my cart.

We're all into ballet flats again.

I have this in black and now think I need this color too.

Summer work pants, anyone?

Now, that's a great tank.

What we all wish we were wearing today.

You'll use these so much.

Dress this up or down—either way, it's elegant.

We can never have enough white T-shirts in this family.

Wear this with any white linen bottoms or your favorite jeans.

Stopped us in our tracks.

They had us at comfort.

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