Say Buh-Bye to the Mini Bag and Hello to the New Go-To

An oldie but a goodie.

Say Buh-Bye to the Mini Bag and Hello to the New Go-To

If you were to read any of the text chains between my friends and me, it would be abundantly clear how often we discuss one of the most impractical trends of the century: mini bags. While some handbags have been popular for a long time, it is only within the past few years that the mini-bag trend has risen in prominence. This is due in part to Instagram-favorite designers like Jacquemus helping to usher the trend into viral territory. My mini-bag ramblings have yet to dissipate, but I must admit that I’m relieved to see a new, more practical purse is on the horizon. Please welcome back the timeless clutch bag. 

Clutch bags first emerged in the 1920s to address the needs of consumers who, in lieu of a more practical, traditional carryall, were craving small, stylish bags that would complement specific looks. It’s true that, like mini bags, clutches can be a fussier choice since, by definition, these bags are handheld. But that doesn’t mean they’re not practical. Some of the best clutch bags actually can hold more than a Tic Tac, cost less than a fortune, and—dare I say—give pockets a run for their money. Don’t believe me? Ahead, I’ve rounded up the 45 best clutch bags in every shape and at every price point.

Bottega Veneta introduced the popular cloud-shaped clutch back in July of 2018, and five years later, it’s clear that this bag and its various iterations are here to stay.

This is the type of versatile clutch that everybody wants to get their hands on.

Not able to yet invest in Bottega Veneta’s cloud clutch? This one should hold you over. 

This crystal version is the best event bag.

Barbiecore is endorsing this bow clutch.

A classic, cushy black clutch.

Quilting can come in bags too. 

An ultra-chic pastel-pink iteration. 

The texture on this midsize clutch is everything. 

Try a bold red clutch to freshen up a neutral look.

The pouch dates back to medieval times, but it has evolved over the years from its original handheld version to iterations that include zippers and even handle straps. Whether you opt for a traditional square style or a pouch shape (which will be trending through the end of the year), you can’t go wrong with this clutch.

Dream bag for accenting a night outfit.

This dainty little bag has the prettiest beading details.

Your simple, essential drawstring pouch.

This fiery little bag is made of soft faux leather.

The details on this mini bucket bag are so good. 

Classic brown snakeskin is one of my key 2023 patterns. 

Pouches are all about making a mini statement, and what better way to do so than with this satin pouch bag.

Pastel pouches for spring? Yes. 

A black-and-white print that will match anything.

One of the more iconic versions of the clutch bag, the envelope/folded clutch is a staple piece in many stylish wardrobes.

An elegantly simple black envelope bag.

This kelly-green fold-over bag is the perfect pop of color.

This pretty blush bag is so elevated. 

Fresh yellow brightens this detailed fold-over bag.

Sometimes simplicity is best 

A mixed-media clutch in chic neutrals.

Subtle woven texture makes this pink purse.

The zipper detail on this envelope bag is a modern update.

The price on this tassel clutch is unmatched. 

Another iconic iteration of the clutch bag is the box clutch. Typically, this bag is made from acrylic, but today, you can find it in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles, making it a fun piece to add to any ensemble.

Crystal details transform the box bag into a going-out bag.

I can't get over the geometric silhouette of this bag.

For my princess-dressing era.

Saving for when I get invited to my next black-tie event.

This metal box clutch has a futuristic feel.

The prettiest bag in all the land.

Brandon Blackwood’s clutch is a fresh take on the classic box-clutch shape. 

The ombré crystal details on this are worth it.

I love a rattan bag, especially when it comes in the form of a box clutch.

Let’s be real here: Some of us love clutches but hate having to hold them. Enter the wristlet. While there’s also the bracelet bag (think of Chloé’s famous one), this style still qualifies as a clutch, but it can easily slide on to your wrist so that you don’t have to worry about carrying something.

*Adds to birthday list*

Woven neoprene with a metallic finish, immediate need.

This adorable pink wristlet is in a vivid hue but still feels rich and classic.

A true classic.

A bracelet and a bag all in one.

This super-luxe bag is now under $200. 

Black crystal bags are as subtle as they are a statement. 

The best thing about this Staud bag is its versatility. With its detachable strap, you can style it as a wristlet, clutch, or shoulder bag. Plus, it comes in eight different colorways, so you have options. 

Who wouldn’t want to slip this cute tote bag on to their wrist?

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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